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About the GCCV

The Geriatric Collaborative of Central Virginia (GCCV) was formed in 2013 to bring training and education in geriatrics and gerontology to professionals serving our senior population, including, but not limited to, physicians, nurses, social workers, therapists, pharmacists, and dentists. Currently, it is estimated that less than 4% of the nation’s health care professionals are adequately trained to deal with the complexities of treating a population with an average of 3 or more chronic disorders.

There are few local programs available to train the regional workforce, requiring health care professionals to travel out of the area to get needed training. Central Virginia has a wealth of experts in the field who could provide training locally to create employment opportunities, advance careers and maintain the quality of health care for which our region is known. GCCV serves as a mechanism to provide local training drawing on these local experts.